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White Sands of Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach on the island of Oahu is a perfect place to get away from the tourist hordes at Waikiki. Located near the town of Kailua, on the opposite side of Honolulu, it is technically on the windward side of Oahu, although it wasn’t very windy on the day we went there.

National Geographic rates Lanikai Beach #5 on its list of Top 10 Beaches in the world.

To get to Lanikai Beach, there are many streets you can park on. Drive to the intersection of Mokulua & Kaelepulu and look for parking on Kaelepulu Street. If you can’t find parking, then drive up to Aalapapa Dr, turn left (it’s one-way), and go to the next intersecting street to try again. The intersection of Mokulua & Onekea is approximately where the stretch of Lanikai beach ends.

The two islands that you see across are the islands of Mokulua and Mokulual - both have been designated as bird sanctuaries.

You’ll know you’ve reached the end of Lanikai Beach when you start seeing some black rocks that slowly eat away at the stretch of sugary, white sand before you, until there’s no more shoreline left.

You can do a lot of kayaking, and boogie boarding, but the waters seem a little bit too gentle for any kind of serious surfing, yet too rough for stand-up paddle boarding.

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